Break Channel 13 Intermission - THE DOOMSDAY ROUNDTABLE. ep. 2

We got a bit off track in this episode simply due to our regular group not being completely available. Alas, we also tested out a new camera, and have found it to be less than satisfactory.

I feel this meeting focused a bit more on handling other people, and less on what tech would work, or plans with handling situation.

Nevertheless, some interesting conversation, and different view points are made here as we gathered to talk about what would possibly work? What wouldn't? (Think planes, cars, VRE, communication devices.) Do you and your family/friends have a plan for the worst case scenario? Does each of your loved ones have a "get home bag" with them at all times? If not, what do you assume you/they would do? Remember, cell towers are fried... You can't phone a friend anymore...