Who is Panacea Research Inc? Are they all Servants too?

I did some research. Nothing too crazy, just perusing the internet… I found out that the same company, Panacea Research Inc., that bought my agency owns Ms. Davis’s practice, and over a hundred other medical type agencies or practices in the United States! Impressive! Do you think they’re one of the top Servant groups out there?

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I'm not Ellie.

I'm not who you think I am. But, I am your new best friend... You know, I’m not sure why I let this happen. Why I just ran from your damn cult? Why I didn’t just stay and kill you all? I may be somewhat callus, but you are evil. I may believe that people should pay harshly for their…. Indiscretions… But not with their souls… And that’s exactly what I saw… So I ran.. And I hid as Ellie, my once, and long dead, college roommate. Nevertheless, with your help, now I'll hunt down The Servants of Tartarus.